Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Pankaj G Dhoble
Primary Specialty Physician
Experience 15+ Years
Mobile 9923541070

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MD medicine Director Integrity hospital

Dr. Pankaj G Dhoble, a distinguished healthcare professional, serves as the Director at Integrity  Hospital, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of medicine. With a specialization in Echocardiography, Dr. Dhoble holds an impressive educational background, having earned his MBBS and MD in Medicine from a reputed medical institution. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge is evident through 15 years of extensive experience in internal medicine, with a focus on echocardiography.

As a Director, Dr. Dhoble plays a pivotal role in steering Integrity  Hospital towards excellence in healthcare. His leadership is marked by a commitment to providing the highest standards of cardiac care to the community. The specialization in Echocardiography reflects his in-depth understanding of the cardiovascular system, allowing him to contribute significantly to the diagnosis and management of cardiac conditions.
Dr. Dhoble’s journey is not only defined by his academic achievements but also by his compassionate approach to patient care. Patients under his care benefit from his holistic understanding of internal medicine and critical care, making him a respected figure in the medical community. His continuous pursuit of knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, ensures that he remains at the forefront of medical advancement.
In addition to his impressive academic and professional journey, Dr. Dhoble is dedicated to the values of Integrity  Hospital. His role extends beyond clinical expertise, as he actively contributes to the hospital’s operational aspects, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience for patients. Dr. Pankaj G Dhoble stands as a beacon of excellence, embodying the principles of Integrity Hospital and playing a crucial role in advancing cardiac care for the well-being of the community.